Gemma Zanowski: A Passion for Justice

There are many common misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding those in the legal profession. While some may be true and most may be caricature, Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel attorney Gemma Zanowski unapologetically breaks the mold of the traditional attorney.

Tacoma attorney Gemma Zanowski

Gemma’s passion for justice comes from her love for connection. It’s why she chose injury law. It’s a journey that allows the chance to make deep, meaningful connections with individuals in need of support and counsel. “The connection with human beings is absolutely hands down my favorite part of this job. It’s the reason I do this,” Gemma says. “I truly take my job personally.”


Gemma enjoys working closely with her clients and building long-lasting relationships, sometimes for years at a time. This means spending time with her clients’ family members and friends, being a guest in their homes and learning their hopes and dreams for their futures. Gemma considers it one of the most rewarding and profound parts of her job, and she will tell you that each client has changed her life in some way.

Part of this dedication means learning how to be a good listener. “You have to be careful to not inject your own wants and desires and belief systems onto your case,” she says. “You need to listen to what it is that your client finds to be an important goal or a meaningful resolution, because it’s not always exactly what you envisioned.”


Gemma is passionate about helping those who are struggling to be heard—minority populations especially women, the marginalized, those with disabilities, those less likely to have access to justice and women suffering sensitive injuries. She even advocates for families who have lost beloved pets, something she is well-known for in the Washington legal community.

Ultimately, she lives by the code that every single life matters. For Gemma, the most rewarding legal cases are the ones that help those who cannot help themselves. She believes deeply that the most important things she will do in her life is make a positive difference in her clients’ lives.

“I consider what I do to be my life’s mission,” she says, “and taking care of other people in this way to be what is profoundly meaningful in my world and in my life.”

Gemma has found her home at Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel, among like-minded colleagues who are equally as passionate about helping others. She’s not the only one who knows how rare a working environment it is; many people approach her about working there. They too recognize something special at EPIC. “I think the reason is that we have a genuine, respectful, and positive dynamic,” she says. “It’s just a good, solid working environment, and that’s why people stick around here.”


Gemma is proud to be an involved member of her community. She is an active board member, volunteer and participant in a handful of professional organizations, such as the Humane Society of Tacoma & Pierce County, the Washington State Associate of Justice Board of Governors and the local Doberman pinscher rescue.

While she admits that much of her life is consumed by her work, Gemma makes time to be active and enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Outside of the office, Gemma can be found running, skijoring and exploring hiking trails with her dogs and making memories with her life and adventure partner, Jesse.

You can learn more about Gemma and her passion for injury law from her personal website, click here.