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Workplace Injuries

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There are many reasons that workers are injured on the job. These may include unsafe construction sites, hazardous or faulty equipment, falls, or even automobile collisions. In many circumstances, you are legally entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel has the experience, resources, and proven track record to handle the most challenging workplace injury cases. We have successfully represented seriously injured workers in cases against contractors who ignored state and federal safety regulations, property owners who failed to provide safe work sites, equipment manufacturers who designed and produced faulty or defective equipment, and other negligent companies and individuals who have caused serious injury to workers.

Workplace Injury Results

  • $3.6 million recovered for a worker who suffered severe spine injuries caused from the unsafe operation of a crane on a worksite.
  • $2.8 million recovered for a health club member that suffered traumatic brain injury when he nearly drowned in a swimming pool that was not monitored adequately by staff and lifeguards.
  • $800,000 recovered for a roof repairman who fell from a roof due to the failure of the general contractor to enforce and follow safety regulations.
  • $680,000 recovered for a cable lineman who was electrocuted due to the negligence of a power company.
  • $650,000 recovered for construction worker suffering severe spine injuries due to the failure of the general contractor to require safe working conditions. ($550,000 recovered for a man training to become a journeyman cable lineman who was injured when he fell from a structure during a training exercise without proper fall protection.
  • $500,000 recovered for a construction worker seriously injured when another company’s negligent workers failed to properly rig lines resulting on a line snapping and striking the worker.