4 Tips on What to do if you’re injured on public transit

Do You Know What to Do If You’re Injured on Public Transit?

Personal injury prevention is always at the front of our minds when we are traveling, but what happens when we put our trust in our city or town to get us to where we need to go safely and efficiently. Public transportation has always been a great alternative to get around a city or commute to and from or jobs. We think of it as a public experience and often are just along the for the ride. Getting in an accident while utilizing public transportation is not something that often crosses our minds, so what do we do if an accident occurs?

Being involved in any kind of motor vehicle accident can be extremely stressful so it is very important to remain calm. You may wonder who to turn to or who to call since you are not the one operating the vehicle and you have placed your trust in public transportation to see that you arrive safely to your destination.

Here’s what to do if you’re injured on public transit:

  1. First, follow the instructions of the vehicle operator. They have been trained extensively and public safety is their main concern.
  2. Next check on the passengers around you and be sure that you and anyone else is safe and free of harm.Do not count on someone else to call 911. It is important to be proactive and summon first responders promptly. Pay close attention to the vehicle operator for any important information that you could relay to first responders.
  3. It is important to be very aware of your surroundings, so please be sure to check that the vehicle is not in a precarious position. It may be necessary to exit the vehicle to avoid further danger. Your safety, and that of your fellow passengers, is the most important factor. The situation will dictate whether it may be safer to exit or stay in the vehicle. Again, follow the instructions of the vehicle operator.
  4. Take pictures of the scenery you can do so safely. Any accident is a jarring experience and this step can often slip our minds. However, it can be very important to capture evidence of the accident and the scene surrounding it. You can never take too many pictures. As much evidence is possible is vital to any government liability case. Be sure to respect any emergency responders and give them some space.

Your safety is the most important factor when using public transportation, so keep these steps in mind if you are ever involved in an accident. Stay calm, follow instructions, take pictures and make sure you stay in a safe position. Following these steps can help you maximize your chances of escaping harm in an emergency. We hope these steps will help remind you what to do if you’re injured on public transit.

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For updates on public transit guidelines and tips on what to do if you’re injured on public transit, visit the United States Department of Transportation’s safety page