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Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel is here in the event that you’re injured by an accident caused by highway defect or neglect, to help get you the justice you deserve.

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While there’s something incredibly romantic and American about a long road trip, automotive infrastructures can present dangerous and even deadly conditions. Defects caused by highway maintenance neglect can lead to personal injuries that require expert representation for compensation. Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel is here in the event that you’re injured by highway defect or neglect.

What Constitutes Highway Defect or Neglect?

Highway defects or neglect consist of any infrastructural problems on a major road due to a lack of regulatory oversight, failure to keep the road in good condition, or untreated wear and tear. These can include cracks in the pavement, shaky barriers, unsafe pull-off areas, and more. Highway neglect or defects create unsafe driving conditions that lead to more auto accidents.

Unsafe highway conditions are often a result of underfunding, and insufficient allocation of resources. Long term political pressure provides lasting solutions to these issues, but in the process, dangerous highway hazards remain.

“I knew I could put my case in their highly capable hands and not have to worry or think about anything.”

– Angela Smith

Highway Defects and Neglect Cases

Our Highway Defects and Neglect Results

$4.6 million recovered for a child severely injured in a car accident caused by a driver losing control on an icy on ramp that was neglected to be de-iced by the Department of Transportation.

$3.5 million recovered for a man suffering from serious brain injuries following a fall from his bicycle after hitting a poorly maintained monument cover located in a roadway identified as a designated bicycle path.

$2 million recovered for a woman rendered paraplegic after a collision involving a motorcycle and car at an at-grade highway crossing at a poorly controlled road constructions site.

$1.1 million recovered for a single father killed due to poor maintenance of a bridge surface.

$1.1 million verdict for a husband and father who lost his wife and three children in a car accident caused due to poor winter maintenance operations by the Department of Transportation.

$500,000 for a man injured in auto collision that occurred because of government’s failure to mitigate ice and snow on an overpass.

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