6 Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe From Toy Malfunction

10 Tips For Safe Holiday Toy Shopping For Your KidsHoliday shopping for your children is always a fun experience, but keeping your child safe from toy malfunction should always be a huge part of the consideration before making any purchase. While there are some product disasters and injuries that occur because of manufacturer error (like a few years ago when all of those ‘hoverboards’ kept catching on fire), most of the holiday injuries that occur from toys are preventable.

In the event of a hoverboard like malfunction, you can be able to file a claim of product liability against the manufacturer. Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel works with you to get justice if you or your family has been injured by a faulty product.

6 tips for keeping your child safe from toy malfunction:

  1. Check that all toys are labelled ‘non-toxic,’ so that no part of the toy is poisonous to children. Especially consider this for young children who may put toys in their mouth. Here’s a list of non-toxic toy options to help ease your mind.
  2. Another important factor in keeping your child safe from toy malfunction is making sure that the toy you are buying is age-appropriate for the child you are buying it for. Toys are designed with age specificity in mind, especially when it comes to small or removable components, which younger children could choke on.
  3. While it’s great for kids to be interested in science, buying chemistry or hobby kits for children is not recommended. These often contain chemicals that increase the risk of fire or explosion. Instead, consider getting your curious child some books or science documentaries.
  4. Young children (under 10) shouldn’t be plugging cords into electrical sockets. Make sure that all electric toys you get for them are battery operated.
  5. When unwrapping and unboxing any toys, make sure to remove any plastic, as it is a serious choking hazard for children.
  6. A final key aspect to keeping your child safe from toy malfunction is always giving the label a thorough read. While a toy may seem simple, they’re actually more complex than ever, and the label will bring you up to speed on any unknown parts or hazards. From specific hazards to be aware of, to the manufacturing location, to washing instructions, to materials, reading the label will inform you about anything about the toy that might have slipped your mind.


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Keeping your child safe from toy malfunction this holiday season is important. Remember that, despite what a child may want, you know what’s best for them. Choose accordingly, because it’s much better and safer to get them something slightly different than something out of their age range. If you’ve taken all of these tips to mind, you’re likely in for a very safe holiday season. 

However, if one of the products that you purchase still injures you or someone in your family, Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel is here for all of your product liability needs. Contact us today to speak to one of our team members, about your opportunities for legal action.