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A city doesn’t just “come up” on its own. It’s created through a strong network of small businesses and community leaders. From the hardworking city officials to the major hospitals on the hill, from the port full of job opportunities to the mom-and-pop shops and budding entrepreneurs, we all contribute to keeping our Tacoma community flourishing.

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Tacoma has a tough reputation, but the city tells an inspiring story that infuses humility and gratitude into our streets. We’ve refined growing industries and taken major strides in cleaning up everything from water quality to crime activity. When people refer to us as “Grit City”, we are proud of the sentiment because we know the work and commitment it has taken to get her to this point. Tacoma’s tough reputation was fought for and earned and that at the end of the day, there’s no stopping our City of Destiny.

If you find yourself in Tacoma needing legal counsel for life’s unpredictable hand of cards, you can reach out to Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel at our new downtown Tacoma home in the historic Bowes Building. If it’s inspiration for local humanitarian efforts or small business suggestions, we’re a good resource for that as well. As a firm, we actively contribute to numerous organizations as both volunteers and donors. Our continued efforts stem from one source: our passion for Tacoma. We’re eager to give back to the community and help the good people who make this city our home.

Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel attorney James McCormickTell us what your favorite experience of moving to this historic building?
Being part of the exciting momentum in downtown Tacoma.

Do you have a favorite local downtown spot now (in your new neighborhood)?
Meconi’s is a really fun spot.

What is your favorite spot in the new building?
I love the lobby. It looks great. The window and high ceilings are just beautiful.

What are you most looking forward to about the future of Tacoma?
Seeing it thrive. Seeing downtown bustle with people. Seeing people live work and play in this great part of town.

What does the phrase “We are Downtown” mean to you?
We care about making this city a great place to live.

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