What is Appellate Law? | Tacoma Personal Injury Attorneys

Sometimes things may not go as planned in the trial court. Maybe there was a mistake or error in trial that could’ve had an effect on the outcome. Perhaps a Court improperly dismissed a case. This is where appellate courts may become involved. Appellate law involves reviewing decisions of trial courts that terminate a case. The appellate courts provide oversight of the trial courts to be sure that mistaken trial court rulings have a remedy.

Trial and appellate practice differ in many ways. In trial, the parties present evidence and the jury or judge resolves factual disputes to resolve a dispute between the parties. On appeal, there is no presentation of evidence. The appellate court’s review is based upon the evidence presented at the trial level.

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Appellate courts not only address the specific dispute between the parties, but also look at the broader implications of their decision—how the case might affect other cases. Appellate decisions move the law forward, and often set a precedent that controls future cases.

Appellate Counsel at Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel

Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel attorneys Stephen Bulzomi handles appeals for the firm’s clients. Stephen has prepared and argued appeals for over 30 years. His successes include precedent setting decisions involving government liability, drug manufacturer liability, insurance law, alcohol liability, automobile cases and negligent hiring and retention. Stephen has handled appeals in all three divisions of the Washington State Court of Appeals, the Washington State Supreme Court, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

The role of an experienced and skillful appellate attorney is to analyze details in a case or trial proceeding, to determine if there are any errors that require a review. Stephen enjoys the intellectual challenge of persuading a panel of judges to rule for his clients. He also like the opportunity to help shape the law for the better for the people that he represents.

At Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel, we have the capability to handle appeals of our cases in-house. This means that we can handle a case from start to finish. Our clients have the benefit in knowing that they do not need to retain separate appellate counsel.

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