Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel welcomes attorney referrals and consultations.

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Personal injury cases are complex and require seasoned attorneys who can achieve the best results. The attorneys in our firm have a national reputation for winning large awards in all of our practice areas, and collaborate with lawyers throughout the U.S. to prepare cases.

Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel is happy to work with you in any capacity required – consulting, sharing our expertise, assisting with strategy, and providing leads. We can work together to find justice for your clients. We encourage your participation and will keep you informed because we understand that the relationship you have with your client depends on our successful collaboration.


  • A case involving an Oregon man who became paraplegic after a crane fell on him at a construction site in the State of Washington. We received a seven figure settlement days before trial. Our Tacoma Work Injury Attorneys developed the strategy, built the liability case, and negotiated the settlement, while the referring Oregon attorney assisted on the damages work-up and client communication.
  • A Washington State case in which one individual was killed and another seriously injured when a paroled convicted felon, inadequately supervised by the Washington Department of Corrections, caused a collision on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. The case settled for more than $1 million, and was referred by a local attorney. Our law firm handled the entire case.


Sometimes, referring attorneys choose to serve as co-counsel. In that event, we consider both firms as lead counsel and divide up the work, usually by issue.

More commonly, referring counsel prefers that Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel take the lead. In that event, the referring attorney chooses the role he or she wishes to take. Depending on the case and what will work best, this may be a passive role, a partial role, or involve serving as primary client contact.

When our firm is lead counsel, our team takes full charge of directing, financing, investigating, and preparing the case, while keeping the referring attorney fully advised of the progress of the case.


A significant portion of our cases comes from attorney referrals. Understanding that we must be fair and generous with lawyers who entrust their clients to our care, our fee sharing is based upon the responsibility assumed by each party and the requirements of the Code of Professional Responsibility. Our referring attorneys consistently say that we are very generous in our fee sharing agreements.

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