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Product Liability

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When you purchase a product, you assume that it won’t cause you serious injury or make you sick — but even ordinary products can be dangerous. They may be poorly designed, defective, or contain hazardous materials. When manufacturers make these mistakes and cause serious injuries, they can and should be held responsible.

Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel has extensive experience with the technical challenges and complexities of product liability cases. We use state-of-the-art technology, national experts, and our own legal team to show juries how and why product injuries occur, how they could have been prevented, and what the effects are on those who have been seriously injured.

Product Liability Results

  • $8.9 million verdict for a passenger in a Ford vehicle that rolled causing its poorly designed roof to collapse and resulting in severe neck injury.
  • $3 million recovered for a baby permanently disabled when a faulty lamp shorted and caused electrical injury.
  • $1.8 million recovered for a young child who suffered severe neck injuries while jumping into a poorly designed inflatable backyard pool
  • $1.3 million recovered for a young child who suffered a foot injury requiring amputation caused from a poorly designed riding lawnmower.
  • $1.1 million recovered for a child who suffered severe burns from a defective home lighter.
  • $550,000 recovered for worker who suffered severe hand injuries while working on wood cutting machine that lacked sufficient guarding.