People Trampled at Skijoring Event

This is definitely not a headline you see everyday:  People Trampled at skijoring event in 2017 file a lawsuit.

This one is certainly breaking new ground in the intersection of law and skiing.

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Above is a photo of the event/incident published by the Durango Herald.

Four people trampled at Skijoring Event are suing the events organizers as well as a drone pilot for causing injuries during an ill-fated event last year.  The incident took place last February 18, 2017 in Silverton, Colorado.  The plaintiffs claim that a drone was negligently piloted too close to a horse involved in the event, causing it to be spooked.  The spooked horse “darted into the crowd of spectators who were watching at the starting gate and trampled plaintiffs.”

In case you are wondering, Skijoring is an event where a skier is pulled behind a horse, often over and around obstacles and jumps.  The team of rider/skier race against other competitors.  You can imagine its quite a sight…

It will be interesting to watch this case unfold.  Not only are there issues of drone operator liability, equestrian liability, event risk management but also some significant causation issues in terms of how this incident occured.  I hope all involved have made a full recovery from their injuries.

You can read more about this one in the Durango Herald here:

Finally, of you want to learn more about Skijoring, check out this video from Outside TV: