Paralyzed in a Motorcycle Accident: Understanding Compensation and Healing

The thrill of the road, the wind in your hair, a good reason to wear cool leather jacket: there are plenty of reasons why people choose to engage in motorcycling. 

Unfortunately, the thrill of a joyride can quickly turn to tragedy under the wrong circumstances or conditions. Motorcycle riding doesn’t come without risks. If you get in a motorcycle accident, the consequences can be devastating. With 45% of motorcycle crashes resulting in more than just a minor injury, a motorcycle accident can lead to debilitating conditions, including paralysis. 

If you’re paralyzed in a motorcycle accident its important to take time to understand your options, organize your case, and take the time to access your new reality. 

Understanding Compensation

Paralysis is a major health condition. If you are paralyzed in a motorcycle accident with another vehicle you may have a strong case for compensation depending on circumstances and fault. 

Immediate medical care and possible long-term rehabilitation care such as physical therapy following a motorcycle accident are extremely common in cases of paralysis, and you may be entitled to compensation to cover medical bills. 

In addition to medical expenses, there are other factors that may make you eligible for a higher payout. These include factors such as missed work, job loss, and decrease in quality of life. Since paralysis can have a profound effect on romanic relationships and your ability to participate with children and family in the ways you want to, you may be entitled to compensation for emotional consequences and damages as well. All of these factors can be argued in your case. 

Making a Solid Case

Building a solid case to get your maximum compensation means keeping record of everything. Ideally, you won’t want to settle your case until all of your treatment is completed. This gives your legal team a better picture of the extent of your injuries and the lasting consequences you may suffer. It also creates a better case. 

No matter if it was a motorcycle accident or something else, it’s important to make sure to keep record of medical expenses. This includes hospital fees, initial treatment, surgery, and physical therapy of rehabilitation you may have to go through. 

If you were employed at the time of accident and had to miss work or lost your job entirely it’s also a good idea to keep your paystubs to have visible proof of your decrease in pay as a result of your injures. 

Healing Emotionally

empty hospital bed following motorcycle accident

While it’s important to understand your case and work towards building it, it’s also important to take time to process what’s happened to you. Paralysis is a life-altering diagnosis and can come with emotional consequences in addition to the physical ones. We’ve written a few times here on our blog about dealing with the emotional consequences of a traumatic injury. In many cases it is just as important— if not even more important— to take the time you need to grieve and move forward. 

Many people who have suffered traumatic injures such as paralysis may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder which, as opposed to popular belief, can effect everyday people the same way it effects soldiers. 

It’s important to preserve and maintain your outlets for commutating your feelings and needs. Communicate with family, friends, and physicians about how you are doing, what you’re going through, and what you need in terms of care and support. 

In many cases, emotional trauma is best address and processed through openness. Don’t bottle up your feelings. It’s okay (and healthy!) to face them head-on, whether or not they’re easy or pretty to deal with. 

Finding the beauty in life despite your newfound hardships is one of the most important ways to heal emotionally from your physical injuries. Finding things that excite you or new ways to engage in the world are vital to your healing. 


If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact our team at Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel. Our expert team strive to get you the justice you deserve and serve you well.