National Safety Month: What It Is, and What You Can Do To Stay Safe

National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month, put on by the National Safety Council to remind everyone of the most important aspects of personal safety, both at work and at home. Most of the injuries that occur every year are not a result of the major accidents that make the news and social media. Most minor, everyday accidents happen when we aren’t paying attention, or get lulled into a false sense of security. That’s why National Safety Month is shaped around bringing attention to these preventable injuries, to help keep Americans safe everywhere they go, with every week having a particular safety theme.

National Safety Month Weekly Breakdown 

Week 1: Hazard Recognition: It might sound like a cliche, but it’s incredibly difficult to avoid a hazard that you don’t see or know about. Whether at home or in the workplace, it’s crucial to your safety that you recognize the possible ways to get hurt around the space where you live or work. Keeping your family or staff safe through keen hazard recognition is an important step towards reaching the standards put forward by the National Safety Council.  

Week 2: Slips, Trips, and Falls: Week two of National Safety Month has to do with slips trips, and falls. These incidents are the most common type of injury. In concert with the tips from Week 1, slips, trips, and falls are often caused by unrecognized hazards. Many people think that these are only a concern for the elderly, but people of all ages are affected by injuries from these incidents. Once you’ve got your hazard recognition program in place, slips, trips, and falls will fall off sharply.  

Week 3: Fatigue: An unexpected cause of many dangerous moments around the office and the home is fatigue. From overworking to bad dieting and poor sleep, fatigue has many causes, and affects many people and can lead to serious injuries. Combating these issues can be difficult, but it’s crucial. This is especially the case for those who drive for a living, operate heavy machinery, or who oversee children.

Week 4: Impairment: National Safety Month concludes with a week about impairment. While sobriety is an obvious and important thing for maintaining your personal safety, there are many other forms of impairment that can lead to injuries, and thus should be watched for. Fatigue, as mentioned above, is a form of impairment, as is working or doing certain tasks while using some prescription medications. Consider the possibility of impairment whenever you’re doing something new, especially if you aren’t sure of the consequences.

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