Making Moves, Growing Up and Out | Gemma Zanowski

Change can be unnerving – whether it’s in your personal life, in professional career or in the world around you. We’ve recently made major changes at Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel. It started with a rebranding last year and evolved into an office relocation this summer. With a new name, brand, and physical address, EPIC has developed a new sense of swagger.

To change, we stepped outside our comfort zones and headed toward the unknown. With great change comes the risk of failure. What if clients don’t follow us to the new office? What if we are leaving it all behind to start over? What if giving up decades of name recognition was a terrible idea? But as the wise William Faulkner once said, “You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.” So be it. We changed.

Greatness has never been achieved by complacency. And we are not a complacent bunch. As a law firm, we put our well-established reputation on the line to move forward. Everything underwent renovation, from the business brand, to the verbiage and aesthetic of our website, to the historic Bowes Building where we now call home. Tacoma is gentrifying while still staying true to the nuances and character and that evolution is perfectly aligned to the new site and direction of our business.

Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel in Tacoma

This move may be one of our best decisions yet. The community has rallied around our transition and the new office. The EPIC team has been rejuvenated by the energy of our downtown location. I can see and feel it every day when I come into work. This year of change has been a challenge, but it has brought us closer as a team.

Tell us what your favorite experience of moving to this historic building is?Moving out of our dated slum of a prior building. Just kidding (kind of). We’ve now moved into a building that is symbolic of the presence and quality of this law firm. Seeing such a beautiful building transform from an abandoned mess to a beautiful and usable space has been inspiring.

Do you have a favorite local downtown spot now (in your new neighborhood)?
Fireman’s Park across the street. It’s a place to find peace. And the dogs like rolling around in the grass.

What is your favorite spot in the new building? 
My office. I love to look out on the water and eavesdrop on the conversations and song preferences of passing people and cars.

What are you most looking forward to about the future of Tacoma?
Tacoma is gentrifying while still staying true to the nuances and character that makes it a great place to grow roots.

What does the phrase “We are Downtown” mean to you?
Tacoma is a bit of an underdog. Those of us who call it home find a sense of pride and togetherness living in a city that has a small town vibe.