Laura Dudley Profile | Retirement Annoucement

Laura Dudley

Laura Dudley, our beloved Word Processing and Facilities Manager, is retiring. Her work with EPIC has been a crucial part of every case, working with every member of our staff. She has learned a lot about the law, and taught us a lot about communications. To celebrate her career with EPIC, we’re taking a look back at a few of the things that made Laura such an important and treasured part of our team.

Her Past

Laura came to EPIC late in her career. Her professional life had been one of unexpected shifts at unexpected times, but those bumps in the road only served to hone her incredibly unique skill set. After being ‘downsized’ following 20 years of experience in the communications industry, Laura retrained as a medical transcriptionist, only to be ‘downsized’ once again after another 10 years in that field.

With these unique experiences in tow, Laura hoped to find a new career that would allow her to meld her various skills into a single position. Thankfully for EPIC, Laura’s attention to detail, diligent document preparation, and understanding of medical terminology helped her become an immediate and ongoing contributor to our team.

Her Passion

Laura admits she was nervous about whether or not EPIC would hire, according to her, a “senior citizen”. She says she feels blessed that Epic took a chance on her, and valued both who she was and the quality of her work. Laura has repaid our confidence in her by bringing passion and persistence to her job every day. The energy that she brings to her work at EPIC is a testament to the skills and attitude that we saw when we hired her.

Her Personality

With all of the free time she will now have, Laura’s immediate plans are to stay up all night catching up on books that she’s been meaning to read. She credits her love of books and reading for helping her learn and grow throughout her career, which has been integral to her ability to change career paths so effortlessly. Laura will also be spending her time in retirement traveling, dancing, and gardening.

Her Presence

What we will miss most about Laura is her presence in our office and on our team. Among her favorite memories of working at EPIC was the Grand Opening of the renovated Bowes Building, meeting the mayor and other local dignitaries, and showing off EPIC’s beautiful office space. Laura admits that what she will miss most about EPIC is, without a doubt, the people.

“Everyone, from the attorneys to reception, have been wonderful to work with. It’s an atmosphere of honesty, trust, wit, intelligence & not taking yourself too seriously,” says Laura.

She has embodied all of these characteristics in her time with us, and Laura’s presence will be greatly missed. Enjoy Retirement!