Behind the Firm: A Look Inside James McCormick’s Office

As we have finally settled into our new home here at downtown Tacoma’s historic Bowes Building, our attorneys have enjoyed the opportunity to decorate the new space. Each office is adorned with special touches selected by the respective attorney to represent their unique personal brand.

Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel attorney James McCormick is the embodiment of the Northwest lifestyle. Although his career is dedicated to personal injury litigation, some of James’ favorite hobbies include riding off-road motorcycles, boating, and skiing.

Ski and art wall in office of attorney James McCormick

The first thing you might notice is a pair of bright orange skis mounted above his stand-up desk, one of the many unique features in James’ office. “I chose the stand-up desk because I am a real believer in the importance of movement,” he says. “I think it’s one the foundations of good health. This job often has us behind a computer for hours at a time and the stand-up desk lets me put in a little bit of movement into my day while I work.”

IMG 6058JamesOffice

A pair of traditional wooden skis sit next to scenic Washington art and family portraits by James’ wife and award-winning photographer Oona Copperhill.

While our journey to the Bowes Building was no small feat for the EPIC team, James now feels at home in his new office. “I really like the open feeling of the space,” he says. “The wall of northern facing windows are awesome and provide a really nice natural light all day. It’s also fun to be on the street level. I get to see people walk by all day and its fun.”

Miniature sailboat in James McCormick's office
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