Attorney James McCormick will be competing in the NORRA Mexican 1000 race at the end of April

James McCormick NORRAAre you an off-road racing enthusiast? Do you have a passion for the outdoors, adventure and pushing your own limits? For those who are into dirt and off-road racing, the NORRA Mexican 1000 Race is a must-attend event. As one of the most iconic events of its kind in Mexico, it draws more than 500 adventure seekers like Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel’s James McCormick, from around the world each year to take part in an unparalleled weeklong adventure across some of Mexico’s toughest terrains.

Whether you relish the challenge of maintaining top speed on soft sand dunes or prefer meandering along mountainside washouts that run for miles — this race has something for everyone. From stunning beaches, deserts and volcanoes–this race has been called one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences there is. And with breathtaking scenery all around, you’ll never be far from new and thrilling experiences along your journey. Check out their website to discover why this historic flight through hidden valleys and rolling deserts is an experience unlike any other!

With several different classes from vintage vehicles to ultra4 cars, rigs and motorcycles available, it offers something for everyone looking to take their four-wheeling skills off the beaten path. Whether you’re on your own or joining in with a team of friends or family members signed up for the same class as yourself, get ready for an unforgettable adventure just over 1000 miles spread out over 5 days filled with dirt roads and scenic views while competing against other hardy adventurers who are just as passionate about going off-roading as you are.  The race starts in Ensenada and ends in Cabo.

“I’m really excited about the challenge of the Mexican 1000.  I’ve been preparing for this race for months now and I’m feeling ready to go.  This is a rally style race where I’ll have to navigate entirely without GPS using a roadbook, odometer and compass.  Riders will not know the day’s route until the morning of each stage.  This adds an extra element of challenge to the already challenging conditions Baja presents to any rider.  I’m looking forward to having a safe and really fun race.”   -James

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 Best of Luck James!