Introducing the New Motorcycle Division of EPIC: Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys

Motorcycle in Tacoma street

Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel is proud to introduce Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys, a newly established division of our firm. Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys was created out of our passion and desire to support the Washington motorcycle community. The Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys website is focused solely on motorcycle law, providing an extensive and ever-growing resource on motorcycle news, local events, safety and riding tips, and much more.

Why did we start Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys?

The fact is, motorcycle-related accidents are likely to result in your severe or potentially life-threatening injuries due to a motorcycle’s size and composition, and the lack of rider protection. Motorcycle accidents can happen to any rider due to negligent drivers, hazardous road conditions and debris or motorcycle manufacturer defects, among other causes

For more than 22 years, our Washington clients know they can rely on our experienced and dedicated personal injury attorneys to work tirelessly for them, regardless of how complicated their case or situation may be. Just as you have your trusted mechanic or favorite motorcycle riding group, we want Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys to be a part of your motorcycle community.

Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys is here to help Washington motorcyclists feel assured knowing they have someone on their side, in the event that the worst happens on the road. Whether you ride a chopper, dual sport, street bike, dirt bike/ATV or scooter, we are not limited to the scope of our motorcycle cases, unlike other law firms.

We here at EPIC are incredibly excited to broaden our reach into the motorcycle law for 2017 and beyond. Please take a moment to visit the website and let us know what you think. Be sure to follow Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news and updates.

Visit Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys.

With Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys, you never ride alone.