An EPIC Transformation | John Christensen

It’s all about the journey.

When we sought out our new location, we knew it was a diamond in the rough. Most passersby wouldn’t have given it a second glance in the shape it was in. But my colleagues and I saw something bigger, we saw the surrounding community that would call us neighbor. We saw the history and future of a Tacoma landmark. We saw the building our business family could call home.

Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel attorney John Christensen

I saw myself, all those years ago, struggling in the first stages of Taekwondo. A vessel for potential desperately in need of direction and discipline. At any starting line, the end goal seems infinitely far away. The key is to keep moving forward. Belt-by-belt I built my strength and stamina to the place I aspired to, and just like that, piece-by-piece our new office came together to be something award worthy. But we needed the move. We needed more than a building. We needed a community. I believe in the power of the human spirit and the way it brings life to the body, or a building, or a cityscape. I see it transcend as I cheer for my favorite college football team (Go Huskies!). I see it now, from my new “fishbowl” of an office, where I’m able to watch the flow of traffic in our vibrant downtown where Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel now operate.

Tacoma likes to move and I feel connected to that mentality as you roll by on a bicycle, jog to your favorite lookouts, head out to kayak or rock climb or site see on foot. I imagine how this window scene has evolved over the last 108-years and I picture myself on that timeline. It feels good to flow in and out of a day’s work, sharing the sidewalk with the people we aim to protect and represent at our firm.

The move downtown seemed obvious to us. We needed to feel that flow of the city again. So as I walk through the downtown Farmer’s Market on a Thursday lunch break, breathing in the fresh aromas and feeling that familiar buzz around me, or when I see the transformation of our new building from what used to be an old run down bar to the thoughtfully renovated and decorated downtown jewel that it will be known as, I can’t help but get excited. I look forward to knowing our community better. I’m eager to plug in and represent our brand here. I’m honored to take part in this expanding, legacy that is the City of Destiny.

Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel now located in downtown Tacoma

Our firm has transformed and feels stronger than ever. And now we have the facility to equally reflect that journey. Keep thriving Tacoma, you are a powerhouse!

What are you most looking forward to about the future of Tacoma?
Tacoma has grown exponentially in the last 20 years from a place that you didn’t want to visit to a destination for good food, art and entertainment. It’s only getting better.

What does the phrase “We are Downtown” mean to you?
It means our community and our family of friends and businesses. It means having pride in where you work and what you do.

Tell us what your favorite experience of moving to this historic building is?
Seeing the transformation from run down bar to a jewel of downtown Tacoma.

Do you have a favorite local downtown spot now (in your new neighborhood)?
Thursday’s Farmer’s Market or the Pacific Avenue restaurant scene.

What is your favorite spot in the new building?
The “fish bowl” also known as my office. I get to see everyone walking by.


This blog post was originally published on John Christensen’s website.