EPIC and Bowes Building Join Forces in Downtown Tacoma | Stephen Bulzomi

Some things improve with age, such as a fine wine, a historic building or a reputable law firm in the community (hint: Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel). Time teaches us so much as we reflect on humble beginnings. We love the familiar and feel support by that which is firmly established. In that regard, age can be a graceful badge of honor. After 30 years of working in the legal system, I feel like somewhat of a veteran in the field. When I think of Tacoma, the sentiment remains. Names and addresses may change, but with dedication and passion, the genuine nature lives on.

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Tacoma is rich in history with a lineage that began as a small logging community and grew into a metropolis thanks to the early welcome of railway and port arrivals. In the midst of that, the South Sound region quickly became the breeding grounds for innovative thinking, hundreds of small businesses and various community endeavors. In turn, a true entrepreneurial and family-oriented atmosphere developed and continues to grow today. We’re growing with it.

When it comes to medical negligence, product liability, highway design, government liability, construction site injuries and automobile collisions, you might call it a “forte” here at EPIC. But where do you think those unfortunate circumstances are most likely to occur? It’s probably not going to be on a small network of neighborhood cul-de-sacs on the outskirts of town. It’s going to be in the heart of the city. Denser populations will naturally need more support, like that of an advocate who knows your name and can stand up to a jury on your behalf if and when the case arises.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge and Mt. Rainier

Downtown Tacoma, we felt your call, like a giant magnet pulling us toward the center of the city where the need is greatest. So we’ve made the move and the verdict is a good one.

Tell us what your favorite experience of moving to this historic building is?
The reawakening of the Bowes Building is the culmination of the rebirth of our law firm.

Do you have a favorite local downtown spot now (in your new neighborhood)?
The Forum- just around the corner. Great food, good service.

What is your favorite spot in the new building?
My office – wrapped in windows with a 180-degree view of the neighborhood and Commencement Bay.

What are you most looking forward to about the future of Tacoma?
I am truly enjoying our part in the reawakening of downtown.

What does the phrase “We are Downtown” mean to you?
We are here to win justice for our neighbors and friends.

This blog post was originally published on Stephen Bulzomi’s website.