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WA Insurance Series

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EPIC Insurance Series: Four Insurance Policies to Review in 2018

The start of the new year is the perfect opportunity to take time to review your insurance policies. It can help you locate any gaps in coverage that may have occurred over the past year. Before reviewing your insurance policies, our attorneys at Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel recommend sitting down and creating a list of… Read more »

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EPIC Insurance Series: Common Myths on Auto Insurance

When purchasing car insurance, there are many factors that can affect the coverage and cost. When trying to decide, it’s easy to get confused or be misinformed on what your insurance covers. As a result, motorists can wind up underinsured or paying more than they should. We’re going to share the top five myths for… Read more »

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EPIC Insurance Series: What is Personal Injury Protection (PIP)?

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is a form of auto insurance coverage that you can add to your policy. PIP coverage is considered to be “No-Fault Insurance.” This means that the insurer will pay out regardless of who is at fault in the accident. Here in the state of Washington, PIP is not required for motorists…. Read more »

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EPIC Insurance Series: Why Do I Need Life insurance?

Life insurance…it’s one of those things in life that may be comfortable to think about or discuss. After all, who really wants to think about their own demise—be it untimely or natural? The reality of the situation is that if you pass away, your loved ones could face massive financial burden. As the old saying… Read more »

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EPIC Insurance Series: Understanding Your WA Homeowners Insurance

Throughout Summer 2017, our team at Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel will be sharing insightful information on insurance and insurance policies. As attorneys, we’ve realized that this is an area that many people may not fully understand as well as they should. While many of us may have homeowners insurance, most are not be aware of… Read more »