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Recreational Injuries

Stephen Bulzomi John Christensen Jeremy Johnston James McCormick Gemma Zanowski

Protecting Your Children From Recreational Sports Injuries

Getting your kids involved in sports and recreational activities is an absolutely vital part of raising a healthy, well-rounded child. Whether individually or as part of a team, being active, learning discipline, and forming skills teach children important skills that they will be able to apply across all aspects of their lives as they grow… Read more »

Safe Driving Tips for Spring Road Conditions

Are you planning on taking a road trip with friends or family this spring? Road trips have always held a special meaning for our family. They have accounted for some of my most fond memories with my wife and 2 children, and making sure that we arrived at our destination safe has always been a… Read more »

What to Do After a Slip/Trip/Fall Accident?

When it comes to slips and falls, they can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone. From work-related slips to black ice that hasn’t been cleared from a parking lot, plenty of hazards can cause even the most sure-footed person to take a dive. Falling to the ground unexpectedly can be quite embarrassing for many people. They… Read more »

Snowy backcountry mountain

Being Prepared If You’re Caught in an Avalanche | James McCormick

In the 2016 – 2017 winter season, 12 people in the United States were killed by avalanches, according to the Avalanche Information Center. Recently, two young snowboarders went missing in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. As of the posting of this blog post, the search for them has been suspended indefinitely. Both skiers carried cell… Read more »

Ski medic on a mountain

Why We Need Mandatory Helmet Use For Ski Employees | James McCormick

Boyne Mountain Resort announced late last week that it will be requiring all employees working on its mountains to wear a helmet while on duty. This is a really important step forward in mountain safety that should be commended. It should also be a model for other resorts to follow—especially some of the bigger companies that… Read more »

School sports injuries in Tacoma, Washington

Discussing School Sports Injuries in Washington | Stephen Bulzomi

As back-to-school season gets underway, many young athletes will be participating in such high-impact sports as football, wrestling and rugby. While the vast majority of players will have a safe and memorable season, statistics have shown that an estimated 300,000 youths in the United States will suffer from a sports-related traumatic brain injury each year…. Read more »

Children on a boat in the Puget Sound

Preventing Water Sports Recreational Injuries | James McCormick

We’re lucky to be surrounded by quite a few bodies of water here in the beautiful state of Washington. With the hot summer months in full swing in the Pacific Northwest, families will be taking advantage of the good weather to participate in recreational water sports. From jet skiing to boating, there are many water… Read more »

Boy holding breath under water in a swimming pool

After a Washington Swimming Pool Accident | John Christensen

With the warm weather months almost upon us, many people will be relaxing in and around swimming pools to escape the summer heat. While the most of us will have a safe and fun time, statistics tell us that there will inevitably be an accident or two. According to the CDC, around ten people per… Read more »