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Recreational Injuries and When to Involve a Lawyer

Anyone with a personal injury has at some point wondered if or when the best time to involve an attorney is. As such, we’ve put together a helpful guide to help you assess whether or not you should pursue a recreational injury lawsuit in relation to any damages incurred by you or someone you love…. Read more »

Dog Bite | Washington

Dog Bites and Your Rights

  Pets can be such docile and loyal creatures that sometimes it’s easy to forget that our furry companions are living beings with the capacity to defend themselves if they feel threatened or provoked. Unfortunately, every year dog bites are the source of both injury and (rarely) deaths to humans. Here are some statistics on… Read more »

Double Check Your Environment for Safety

5 Steps Towards a Safer Home or Workplace     1) Get your water tested. Depending on the type of structure and locale you live in, you may be at risk to hard water plumbing.  Generally speaking, hard water is water with high concentrations of various minerals, such as magnesium and calcium.  This is problematic… Read more »

Environmental Effects on Personal Health | Personal Injury Legal Team

There are a great many of factors that affect the health of the human body. Personal Injury Legal Team at Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel know that some of these factors are internal, such as hereditary or genetic predispositions. A lot have to do with the ways that we do or don’t choose to take care… Read more »

Additional Types of Liability Law

In case you missed it, some of the kinds of liability our Tacoma personal injury attorneys discussed last week were: joint liability, vicarious liability, strict (or absolute) liability, limited liability, plaintiff/victim liability (also known as contributory negligence), and third party liability.  Other types of liability we’ll go over today include lender liability, social host liability and… Read more »

Tacoma Personal Injury Attorneys Explain Liability Law

What is Liability Law? Liability law is exactly what it sounds like: the legal obligation to be held accountable for one’s actions or lack thereof.  Liability law pertains to both civil and criminal law in that it can relate to a wide variety of different areas including debts, contracts, torts, taxes, and other government fines…. Read more »

When Workers’ Comp Doesn’t Cover Everything

Now that we know how to report a workplace accident, it’s time to discuss workers’ compensation.  As we previously noted, workers’ compensation will typically entitle you to weekly benefits of two-thirds of your gross weekly wage, after you have been unable to work for seven days and filed the appropriate paperwork.  Unfortunately, even this is… Read more »

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Reporting a Workplace Injury | Tacoma Personal Injury Attorney

Whether your line of work has a lot of potential health or safety hazards or whether it seems particularly innocuous, it’s vital that you know how to report an workplace injury accident since there are many types of accidents that can happen to anyone anywhere anytime. All work environments should have a plan of action… Read more »

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Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel | Announces New Brand

Messina Bulzomi Christensen Becomes Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel As part of the Puget Sound community for over 22 years, and with a strong reputation as a leader in personal injury law Messina Bulzomi Christensen Law is evolving and we believe that the name and brand should be representative of that. Although the name may be… Read more »

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Welcome to Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel

Steve Bulzomi, John Christensen, Jeremy Johnston, James McCormick, and Gemma Zanowski are proud to announce the founding of Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel. Formerly Messina Bulzomi Christensen, the firm will continue its long tradition of representing those injured through the fault of others.