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Tacoma Personal Injury attorney Gemma Zanowski

Making Moves, Growing Up and Out | Gemma Zanowski

Change can be unnerving – whether it’s in your personal life, in professional career or in the world around you. We’ve recently made major changes at Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel. It started with a rebranding last year and evolved into an office relocation this summer. With a new name, brand, and physical address, EPIC has… Read more »

Tacoma personal injury and animal law attorney Gemma Zanowski

What to do if you Suspect Veterinary Malpractice | Gemma Zanowski

Under Washington State law, animals are considered personal property. However, for many pet owners, myself included, this designation is unfathomable: My pets are my family. My clients feel the same. The grief and pain of losing a pet or seeing one injured often is similar to grief experienced losing a human loved one. I’ve seen my… Read more »

Tacoma, A City to Call Home | James McCormick

A city doesn’t just “come up” on its own. It’s created through a strong network of small businesses and community leaders. From the hardworking city officials to the major hospitals on the hill, from the port full of job opportunities to the mom-and-pop shops and budding entrepreneurs, we all contribute to keeping our Tacoma community… Read more »

Tacoma Personal Injury lawyer Jeremy Johnston

From Tacoma to Tacoma | Jeremy Johnston

Never forget where you came from. Tacoma is where I was born, grew up, studied, committed to a legal practice and planted my life, family and future. I believe that claiming history in one place helps keep us grounded and gives us the opportunity to build long-lasting, meaningful relationships. I love getting to know the… Read more »

Recreational injuries with Tacoma personal injury attorney James McCormick

Stay Safe on the Water this Labor Day Weekend | James McCormick

Labor Day Weekend is considered to be the final hurrah of the summer season. You can expect thousands of people to be out on the water, enjoying the long weekend and the last taste of summer before fall begins. Whether you plan to take the family out boating, go for a dip at the local… Read more »

Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel office at Bowes Building

The Bowes Building: An Homage to Business in Downtown Tacoma

The historic Bowes Building has been renovated and reborn, thanks to the collaborative effort of our team and the building’s owners. A standing monument to the history of downtown Tacoma, the Bowes Building has endless stories to tell – from the early development of the city to the entrepreneurs who continue to make it the… Read more »

EPIC and Bowes Building Join Forces in Downtown Tacoma | Stephen Bulzomi

Some things improve with age, such as a fine wine, a historic building or a reputable law firm in the community (hint: Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel). Time teaches us so much as we reflect on humble beginnings. We love the familiar and feel support by that which is firmly established. In that regard, age can… Read more »

Tacoma personal injury counsel attorney John Christensen

An EPIC Transformation | John Christensen

It’s all about the journey. When we sought out our new location, we knew it was a diamond in the rough. Most passersby wouldn’t have given it a second glance in the shape it was in. But my colleagues and I saw something bigger, we saw the surrounding community that would call us neighbor. We… Read more »