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Boy holding breath under water in a swimming pool

After a Washington Swimming Pool Accident | John Christensen

With the warm weather months almost upon us, many people will be relaxing in and around swimming pools to escape the summer heat. While the most of us will have a safe and fun time, statistics tell us that there will inevitably be an accident or two. According to the CDC, around ten people per… Read more »

Texting while driving often leads to vehicle accidents

Preventing a Distracted Driving Accident | Tacoma Auto Accident Attorneys

We all agree that distracted driving is dangerous. Whether it is texting, taking a call or switching the radio station, anything that takes your eyes and attention off the road is dangerous. April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Our team at Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel is dedicated to spreading awareness on the dangers of… Read more »

Attorney writing legal paperwork

What is Appellate Law? | Tacoma Personal Injury Attorneys

Sometimes things may not go as planned in the trial court. Maybe there was a mistake or error in trial that could’ve had an effect on the outcome. Perhaps a Court improperly dismissed a case. This is where appellate courts may become involved. Appellate law involves reviewing decisions of trial courts that terminate a case. The… Read more »

Ride the Ducks Seattle accident

“No More Ducks”: Another Accident Involving Ride the Ducks of Seattle

Yes, it happened again. On Sunday, March 19, a Ride the Ducks of Seattle vehicle was involved in an accident with a sedan at Westlake Avenue N and Highland Drive. Photos of the incident showed the sedan being trapped in the front-end of the Ride the Ducks vehicle. While details are still emerging, the driver of… Read more »

Headlights of cars on the road

What You Need to Know about Ejection Auto Accidents in WA | Jeremy Johnston

If an automotive collision causes the occupant to be ejected from the vehicle, you can also guarantee that their injuries will be catastrophic. Broken bones or fractures, serious brain damage, severe road rash, paralysis and even death are all well within the realm of possibility with ejection accidents. Not to mention, extreme emotional and psychological distress following… Read more »

Experience Tacoma Highlights the Bowes Building

Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel currently resides in downtown Tacoma’s Bowes Building, located on 100 South 9th Street. For more than a century, the Bowes Building has served as a staple in the downtown business community. We’re proud to be the latest tenants of this historic local landmark. Tacoma community resource Experience Tacoma recently published an… Read more »

Tacoma auto accident attorney John Christensen

What Happens if I was Injured in a Washington DUI Accident? | John Christensen

When a driver chooses to hit the road while under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI/DWI), they are endangering the lives of themselves, their passengers and other motorists on the road. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in three traffic deaths in the United States involve a drunk driver. Alcohol,… Read more »

Black dog in a room

Who Gets the Dog: Fighting for Fido in Washington state | Gemma Zanowski

I often receive questions regarding pet custody. In fact, pet custody disputes are a growing portion of the cases in my animal law practice. For many pet owners like myself, pets are more than just a companion, and certainly more than a chair or an appliance; they are a part of the family. Although many… Read more »

Automobile driving in the woods

When Do I Need to Hire an Auto Accident Attorney?

Immediately after a serious automobile accident, there are likely hundreds of thoughts going through your mind. From the potential damage to your vehicle to your car insurance company, there are major obstacles to deal with following a car accident. One of the first questions you may be asking yourself is, “Do I need an attorney?”… Read more »

Motorcycle in Tacoma street

Introducing the New Motorcycle Division of EPIC: Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys

Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel is proud to introduce Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys, a newly established division of our firm. Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys was created out of our passion and desire to support the Washington motorcycle community. The Evergreen Motorcycle Attorneys website is focused solely on motorcycle law, providing an extensive and ever-growing resource on motorcycle news,… Read more »