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personal injury

Dealing With the Emotional Consequences of Traumatic Injury

While it’s normal to focus on the physical consequences of a traumatic injury, it’s just as important to deal with the emotional consequences. These are less obvious than the physical consequences, but can be just as devastating, especially in the long term. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a huge risk for people in dangerous industries like… Read more »

Injured Leg Treatment

What To Do If You’re Injured By A Drunk Driver

Drunk driving is a massive problem across the United States, and injuries from drunk driving accidents can be harmful, debilitating, and even fatal. A vehicle controlled by someone intoxicated quickly becomes a weapon, and even worse, a weapon being wielded without thought. If you or someone you know has been injured in an incident with… Read more »

April Community Highlight — The Humane Society

They say that every dog has its day, but Bijoux is getting more than just that. Bijoux is a rescued Doberman pinscher who shares her home with EPIC attorney, Gemma Zanowski. And although Bijoux is quite beloved by her family, now is her time to shine. If you see the Humane Society van driving around… Read more »

highway safety

How To Tell if Your Auto Accident Was a Result of Highway Neglect

Getting into an auto accident is an extremely traumatic event for anyone, but you can feel especially vulnerable when you are affected by someone else’s bad driving. There are few more helpless feelings that being collateral damage from someone else’s erratic driving, but what happens when you are collateral damage of failed infrastructure? It is… Read more »

Been In A Vehicle Accident? Here’s How To Deal

When you’re in a car or motorcycle accident, there’s a lot of things on your mind, and your emotional and physical state can often make it difficult to deal with them. From your immediate safety to the long term legal and financial consequences of the crash, being involved in a vehicle accident can be overwhelming… Read more »

Harm Reduction Tips For Staying Safe With Cannabis

With cannabis now legal in Washington, and this trend slowly spreading across the country, people using cannabis recreationally is becoming a reality. While the debate over whether or not cannabis should be legalized is basically over, the importance of cannabis safety is now preeminent. Harm reduction is the idea that, since people are going to… Read more »

Jennifer Sciola Profile | Retirement

Jennifer Sciola, our wonderful Senior Litigation Paralegal, has retired. She has been a critical asset to our firm. To celebrate her career with EPIC, we’d like to look back on her journey as an important part of our team. HER BACKGROUND With 16 years of service in the US Air Force, and a member of… Read more »

motorcycle safety

Five Safety Tips For New Motorcycle Riders

Riding a motorcycle is an extremely freeing and liberating activity, but part of the reason it produces these feelings is because of how dangerous it can be. Most experienced riders can tell you stories of some pretty brutal crashes, which can occur even when they’ve logged thousands of hours on their bike. For new motorcycle… Read more »

Congrats to Steve Bulzomi on the Service to the Legal Profession Award!

“I really enjoy chairing this seminar. It’s a great opportunity to meet with other lawyers, and to keep up to date on the latest developments in the law.” Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel attorney, Steve Bulzomi, was awarded The Service to the Legal Profession Award by the Tacoma – Pierce County Bar Association at the 111th… Read more »

Protecting Your Children From Recreational Sports Injuries

Getting your kids involved in sports and recreational activities is an absolutely vital part of raising a healthy, well-rounded child. Whether individually or as part of a team, being active, learning discipline, and forming skills teach children important skills that they will be able to apply across all aspects of their lives as they grow… Read more »