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Washington houses in a neighborhood

EPIC Insurance Series: Understanding Your WA Homeowners Insurance

Throughout Summer 2017, our team at Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel will be sharing insightful information on insurance and insurance policies. As attorneys, we’ve realized that this is an area that many people may not fully understand as well as they should. While many of us may have homeowners insurance, most are not be aware of… Read more »

Pedestrians walking across busy street

Understanding Pedestrian Safety Laws in Washington | Stephen Bulzomi

It’s summer time in Washington, and that means an influx of pedestrians on our city streets. Families will be out and about in the city, in popular areas like downtown Seattle and Tacoma, and any other part of the city where there are fun outdoor activities to participate in. While the vast majority of these… Read more »

Plaque from Washington State Association for Justice

Stephen Bulzomi’s Departure from WSAJ Board of Governors

Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel attorney Stephen Bulzomi has officially stepped down from the Washington State Association of Justice Board of Governors. Stephen has served on the board since 1998, and acted as President from 2013-2014. The Washington State Association for Justice is the oldest and largest civil justice advocacy organization in the Pacific Northwest. The… Read more »

What to do After a Washington Bike Accident | INFOGRAPHIC

When bicyclists and motorists share the road, cyclists face an inherent risk for injuries. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2013 over 900 bicyclists were killed on roads in the United States. Almost 500,000 people had to visit the emergency room for treatment due to bicycle-related injuries. Our team at Evergreen… Read more »

Female attorney typing on a laptop

A Not-So Easy Topic to Discuss: Sensitive-Injury Cases | Gemma Zanowski

There has always been a disparity in the ratio of female attorneys compared to our male counterparts. According to research from the American Bar Association Market Research Department, statistics shows that women only make up about 36 percent of all attorneys. More female attorneys are needed to balance out the gender disparity in the legal industry. We bring… Read more »

Rainier School in Buckley, WA

EPIC Case Profile: Stallone vs. State of Washington

Case Overview: The Plaintiff, Maryann Stallone, is a non-verbal autistic adult with the mental capacity of an eight-year-old. Stallone was a resident at Rainier School in Buckley, Washington—a habilitation center for individuals with developmental disabilities. On November 13, 2016, Terry Wayne Shepard, who was a manager and supervisor at Rainier School at the time, raped… Read more »

Bicycle with green leaves around the wheels

Preventing a Washington Bike Accident | Tacoma Bike Attorneys

May is National Bike Month. Over the years, more and more people have taken up biking as both a form of exercise and transportation. As bike traffic increases on the roads, unfortunately so do bike accidents. According to the CDC, in 2013 over 900 bicyclists were killed on American roads. Almost 500,000 people had to… Read more »

Commercial truck driving down Washington freeway

What You Need to Know About Truck Driver Negligence | Jeremy Johnston

Semi trucks, tractor trailers and commercial vehicles constantly drive through our roadways here in the Pacific Northwest. Recently, there were two separate semi truck accidents in Tacoma and Olympia, resulting in one fatality and multiple people injured. While the exact cause of these accidents are still unclear, it is a stark reminder of how dangerous large… Read more »