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Auto Accidents

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Spilled pill bottles

Discussing WA Opioid-Related Auto Accidents | John Christensen

Let’s talk about a difficult but topical subject in today’s society: the opioid epidemic. The misuse and addiction to opioids—such as prescription pain relievers, heroin and synthetic opioids is everywhere. It affects countless victims and families throughout the state of Washington and across the nation. With the increase of opioid abuse, comes the rise of… Read more »

Cars driving on highway next to trucks

Preventing WA Underride Truck Accidents | Jeremy Johnston

Underride accidents occur when a passenger vehicle and a semi-truck with a trailer collide. Trucks often weigh 20-30 times as much as passenger vehicles. They are taller with greater ground clearance, which is the most common cause of underriding accidents. As a result, the occupants inside are often severely injured. The National Highway Traffic Safety… Read more »

Rear lights of a white car

EPIC Insurance Series: Common Myths on Auto Insurance

When purchasing car insurance, there are many factors that can affect the coverage and cost. When trying to decide, it’s easy to get confused or be misinformed on what your insurance covers. As a result, motorists can wind up underinsured or paying more than they should. We’re going to share the top five myths for… Read more »

Car speedometer graphic

Impaired Driving in Washington | John Christensen

Impaired driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or a combination of the two can lead to serious injury or loss of life. Washington State takes impaired driving very seriously and has proactively created laws to help mitigate it. The state of Washington has created several programs and measures to help prevent impaired driving, including:… Read more »

Christmas tree with wine glasses graphic

Celebrating Safely this Holiday: Commercial & Social Host Liability

The holidays are just around the corner. For many people, this is a time for events and holiday parties. For the vast majority of partygoers, they will have a memorable time and get home safely. Unfortunately, accidents can happen due to the negligence of someone who was under the influence of alcohol. Here in Washington,… Read more »

Umbrella Policy insurance graphic

EPIC Insurance Series: What is an Umbrella Policy?

An umbrella policy is a type of insurance that provides extra coverage when the liability on the original policy has been exhausted. The purpose of the extra coverage is to help protect you and your assets from major lawsuits and claims. It also provides coverage for things that are normally excluded from standard liability policies…. Read more »

Highway in Washington

Negligent Highway Design & Maintenance in Washington

As fall gives way to winter, many residents of the Pacific Northwest have to drive in weather that could result in unsafe driving conditions on potentially dangerous roads. The Washington State Climatologist is predicting an increase in a chance for a “La Nina” this winter, which could mean wetter than usual conditions and increased snowfall…. Read more »

Dram Shop Liability Graphic

What Exactly is Dram Shop Liability? | John Christensen

As we’ll be entering into the start of the holiday season in the coming months, many bars, restaurants and venues will be serving alcohol. While many patrons will rely on safe transportation to get home, such as having a designated driver or ride sharing, drunk drivers are out there. According to the Center for Disease… Read more »

Driver driving in a vehicle in Washington

EPIC Insurance Series: What is Personal Injury Protection (PIP)?

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is a form of auto insurance coverage that you can add to your policy. PIP coverage is considered to be “No-Fault Insurance.” This means that the insurer will pay out regardless of who is at fault in the accident. Here in the state of Washington, PIP is not required for motorists…. Read more »