Aspergillus Leads to Malpractice or Corporate Fraud?

Aspergillus mold

Mold in Seattle Children’s Hospital Lawsuits

There are many reasons why you may want to file a lawsuit for aspergillus mold injuries at a hospital. First of all, a mold infection can be deadly. Not only can it cause serious health problems, but you could also end up a lung infection or infections in other organs. This type of infection can lead to numerous problems for both patients and their families.

Aspergillus spores

Aspergillus is a common fungus that can grow in a variety of conditions and environments. It can also be found in the human body. There are approximately 40 different species of Aspergillus, some of which can be harmful to human beings. Most people come into contact with Aspergillus outdoors, where it grows on decaying vegetation and soil. Aspergillus can also appear indoors, especially in buildings that are damaged. 

Seattle Children’s Hospital has been facing lawsuits over Aspergillus spores that have caused infections and deaths. The hospital is now working to fix the problem by closing most operating rooms and installing custom-built air-filtration systems. However, lawyers have filed a lawsuit against the hospital, seeking class-action status. The lawsuit claims that four children were infected with the mold, and the hospital has had to close its operating rooms twice this year because of the mold. In response, the hospital has apologized to the families of the children who died, and has taken steps to make the environment safe.

Aspergillus spores are commonly found in homes and hospitals, but are often hard to diagnose. Since Aspergillus colonizes the body without causing symptoms, it can be difficult to know when it has infected a patient. King County and the Washington State Department of Health do not have any data on undiagnosed cases, so they cannot tell which patients were contaminated.

Aspergillus infection

The lawsuit alleges that the hospital failed to properly diagnose and treat a toddler’s Aspergillus infection. The hospital also failed to properly manage its air handling systems and contaminated the child’s operating room with Aspergillus. This led to the toddler’s infection. Seattle Children’s Hospital is now facing multiple lawsuits, some of which have been filed as class actions.

The hospital defended itself by saying that it had no knowledge of the contamination, but it reopened operating rooms on July 4 after shutting down. The infection was not resolved, however, and the hospital was forced to close the remaining operating rooms. As a result, the lawsuit says, the hospital was responsible for the infection and the hospital must remedy the situation.

Aspergillus infection can be fatal

An Aspergillus infection can be deadly, which is why some patients who are hospitalized at Seattle Children’s Hospital are filing lawsuits against the hospital. The lawsuit claims that the hospital failed to address the problem when they were aware of it, which led to patients suffering from Aspergillus infections. The lawsuit documents specific cases of children that were infected and how the hospital failed to act.

The hospital is now facing lawsuits from parents of six infants who contracted Aspergillus during their hospital stay. The infection spread quickly and became fatal for one of the children. It also affected other patients. In one case, a hospital humidifier went unused for 10 years before it was switched on again in 2018 and 2019. This meant that Aspergillus mold spread from the humidifier to the hospital rooms, which affected six patients. In one case, an infant died from the illness.

Aspergillus infection could be fatal for people with weakened immune systems

Invasive aspergillosis can be treated with antifungal drugs. The drug of choice is voriconazole, which has fewer side effects than other antifungal drugs. Itraconazole and amphotericin B are also effective drugs. In rare cases, caspofungin may also be used. However, patients should take antifungals carefully, as they may lead to serious side effects.

This is a complicated case that has led to class action lawsuits, accusations of medical malpractice and potential corporate fraud.  If you find yourself or a family member in similar circumstances, contact the Attorneys at Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel.