April Community Highlight — The Humane Society

Humane Society Van

They say that every dog has its day, but Bijoux is getting more than just that. Bijoux is a rescued Doberman pinscher who shares her home with EPIC attorney, Gemma Zanowski. And although Bijoux is quite beloved by her family, now is her time to shine. If you see the Humane Society van driving around your area over the next few months, you’ll be able to tell why pretty quickly.  

Thanks to a donation from Gemma and her partner, Bijoux’s adorable mug is now featured on the side of the Humane Society van. Occupying the front right door of the vehicle, Bijoux is striking her best pose for the camera. Along with this donation, Gemma also sits on the Humane Society board, as part of her ongoing commitment and passion for both the pets in her community and the people who love them.

EPIC Bijouxs

The Humane Society of Tacoma Pierce County is one of the oldest humane societies in the country serving a large and diverse community. In 2018 it adopted over 5,800 animals to families in the community. It also provides numerous community services including a pet food pantry and emergency veterinary fund. If you’re interested in supporting or getting involved with the Humane Society, check out their website here.