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Animal Law

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Not all serious legal cases involve human victims. Washington laws offer protection for animals, often through the rights of their guardians. Animal law issues can surface across a wide expanse of legal practice areas. It often requires skill and diligence to navigate these complex and varied legal issues. Some common legal situations where the rights of animals or their guardians may surface include:

  • Rescue or Breeder attempts to regain ownership of dogs sold or adopted
  • Dog bites to humans or animals
  • Injury to a pet by a veterinarian or other party responsible for caring for or handling the animal
  • Injury or death to a pet from contaminated pet food or other faulty products
  • Injury or death to a pet due to police or government misconduct
  • Domestic Violence Protection Orders
  • Contracts for ownership or adoption of animals

Attorney Gemma N. Zanowski at Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel can help you protect yourself and your animals. She has successfully represented animal caretakers in a wide variety of cases. Gemma has worked in animal rescue since 2004, personally rehabilitating animals in need and working with animal guardians in the community to help them help the pets they love. She has served on the board of the Washington State Bar Association’s Animal Law division since 2011 and is the Chair-Elect of the group. Gemma has published and lectured extensively on animal law matters. She understands why animals matter and she will understand why your animal matters to you.